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A powerful photo editor to improve images!

Pixlr Editor is a popular photo editor for Windows PCs, Mac devices, and smartphones running on Android and iOS. If you’re running out of storage space on your hard disk, this editor can help you reduce file size while adding enhancements to the images. Pixlr Editor is an easy to use, professional, and quick photo editing software. It’s recommended for professionals as well as aspiring designers. With a wide range of features, this tool can cater to several requirements of artists, designers, and individuals looking to add enhancements to photos.

Various enhancement tools for touch-ups!

Pixlr Editor is free to use and comes with a browser extension for photo editing on the web. As such, the tool can be accessed on all kinds of devices. Compared to the advanced design and graphic editing applications like Photo Pos Pro, Photoshop, and Gimp, Pixlr Editor provides several enhancement features to deliver improved images. Since the editor can be accessed online, there’s no need to download an executable file. Moreover, it doesn’t require any registration, and you can start using the tool instantly.

Is Pixlr Editor easy to install?

As mentioned earlier, Pixlr Editor can be accessed online. However, if you want to download the program on your Windows computer, it doesn’t take more than a few seconds. Once you’re done with the installation process, the simple interface provides you with a well-structured and intuitive design. The program comprises a menu bar, a toolbar, and several enhancement buttons. Both novice and experienced users can start using Pixlr Editor without experiencing any issues. There’s also a built-in ‘Help’ section to answer your queries and doubts.

Is Pixlr Editor easy to use?

Compared to MS Paint and PaintTool SAI, Pixlr Editor offers a wide range of user-friendly tools. These can be learned within minutes, and don’t seem overwhelming after being used a few times. Pixlr Editor is a powerful yet simple application, which takes background removal and photo editing to an advanced level. Almost every feature can be used with a single click. With this free photo editing app, you can perform a wide range of editing tasks at the fastest speed possible.

In order to ensure impressive outcomes, Pixlr Editor allows you to erase image backgrounds and enhance effects. While using most of the features, you only need to drag the editing scale, or toggle off and on the editing button. This lets you apply certain effects and layers in your images. Additionally, when you’re using Pixlr Editor, there’s no need to create graphic elements and enhancements from scratch. The app comes with a huge library of overlays, stickers, icons, borders, and decorative texts.

What are the editing tools in Pixlr Editor?

With Pixlr Editor, you can access a wide array of drawing tools, such as color replace, color picker, airbrush, eraser, paint brush, pencil, and pen tool. Additionally, you can insert curved lines, straight lines, arcs, ellipses, text, and rectangles. With a couple of clicks, the tool lets you determine line width, flip or rotate the picture, lock the RGB channel, and adjust brightness, contrast levels, opacity, and saturation.

Compared to Pixel Image Editor, Pixlr Editor comes with several features, including hot image, grayscale, negative, stroke, and replace color. While you can easily apply these features, it’s also possible to control the size of the canvas. You can simply take a snapshot of your screen and import the image to the program.

The developers give you two different editors to make enhancements to your photos. While Pixlr Editor is the basic program, you can choose to use Pixlr X and Pixlr E. The former has been specifically designed for beginners and experts looking to create quick, playful, and easy edits to images. Pixlr Express (X) doesn’t require a steep learning curve or complicated tools.

As such, you can crop, rotate, and resize images within seconds. Moreover, you can add creative effects, fonts, stickers, and filters to images with ease. Pixlr Editor comes with an easy-to-use auto-fix option, which allows you to adjust the color, tone, and light to improve an image.

While Pixlr lets you improve images for Instagram, it has been designed for professional graphic designers. It contains several features and tools, such as lasso, image layers, cloning, brush controls, and filters. All the edits you try to make with this tool can be searched online for stock images.

As mentioned earlier, Pixlr Editor is a free-of-charge application, which only needs a stable Windows PC, browser, and internet connection. While you can download the Pixlr app on your PC for advanced editing, a lot of people prefer using the online tool for quick touch-ups.

Which file formats does Pixlr Editor support?

With this free software, you can open multiple tabs on your PC simultaneously. Therefore, it’s a good choice for people who’re often interested in multitasking. Apart from this, Pixlr Editor lets you open images in multiple file formats, including BMP, WBMP, PSD, GIF, TGA, JPG, TIF, PNG, and EMF. While you can edit existing images in the gallery, you can also create pictures from scratch. Pixlr Editor saves all projects in the PC’s hard disk using WBMP, JPG, BMP, TGA, XPM, PNG, and GIF extensions.

A solid tool to make your pictures look good!

Overall, Pixlr Editor is one of the most popular and efficient photo editing tools for Windows PCs. It allows you to create appealing pixel art and save it to a desktop, laptop, or smartphone. Since this is a lightweight program, the response time is good. Moreover, the computer’s performance is not affected. While Pixlr Editor is not a full-fledged editing tool, it’s a great choice for subtle enhancements. With the browser extension, you can use the tool on a wide range of devices without any issues.


  • Free browser extension
  • Simple and clean interface
  • Doesn’t require registration
  • Multiple enhancement tools


  • Doesn’t offer drag-and-drop support
  • Occasional bugs and crashes

Pixlr Editor - Chrome Extension for PC

  • Free
  • In English
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  • 4
  • (696)
  • Security Status

User reviews about Pixlr Editor - Chrome Extension

  • My Design

    by My Design

    It loaded Autodesk Pixlr .... SO its wrong program !!!!!!

  • Craig Travis

    by Craig Travis

    Easy to use. Good choice of tools. Very intuitive and it's free.

  • Long & Tops

    by Long & Tops

    very very nice application. i really appricate this apps and it is very esier to operation, thanks and regard ... lonf and tops fashion.

  • Maura McFall

    by Maura McFall

    It's not working. Keeps telling me to connect to internet and that I'm using old browser. I am connected to internet and have latest Chrome browser. S More

  • samsur rahman

    by samsur rahman

    best application in this world,very good application any one can free download,thanks for all meamber,

  • vgopi nath

    by vgopi nath

    nice to use . so cool, like a friend ............ work with it


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